Fuse ancient traditions with modern technology and the result is a distinctive Mahana Home. Custom-crafted to match its unique environment—the lush tropical forests of Hawaii’s Big Island—the Mahana Home concept blends elements of Polynesian design with the charm of a 16th-century Japanese country house. Enjoy outdoor living at its finest, with a spacious, wrap-around deck and floor-to-ceiling picture windows that invite nature’s beauty inside.

Simplicity and Warmth
The highest quality timber and luxury craftsmanship set these exquisite homes apart. Whether you plan to build a retirement home, a guesthouse, or a vacation rental property in Hawaii, a Mahana Home offers these unique advantages such as select grades of lumber, custom-engineered doors and windows, alternative energy technology, spacious, wrap-around decks, glass walls and designer lighting and furniture

Home plans are available in half a dozen designs, with options for further customization. All materials and furnishings arrive by ocean container from British Columbia, for faster assembly at an attractive cost.

Click here to download the Mahana Homes Brochure or contact Peter Fluker and Melanie Boudar for more information: 604-938-9885, peterfluker@yahoo.com